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Book Review: Fighting Ruben Wolfe

I have talked a lot about how important reading is for your writing without really giving you any recommendations on what to be reading, so I thought I would give you my thoughts on the book I just read Fighting Ruben Wolfe.

The book Fighting Ruben Wolfe is the story about two brothers that life in Australia. Cameron (the youngest) and Ruben (the older brother) are shown off as rebels at the begging, and from there it builds up that they are from a poorish family that is struggling with money.

Ruben eventually ends up getting in a fight with a neighbor because he calls his sister a whore, and messes up the kid pretty bad. This is when a guy named Perry comes to their house and says he would like them to join an underground fight club that he is in charge of, and all the while they must hide it from their parents because their mom is extremely against boxing.

• It is a very easy read.
• The author has a very different style that can really help improve your writing.
• The book portrays a strong sense of loyalty, and family bonding. As the book goes on you see the brothers start to get closer and fight for a greater cause than just the money that they make.

• The book starts off rather slow going, and some of what is said is not so good. It does however get better as the book goes on.
• I was not a fan of the writing style that Zasak used, but he made it work nicely.

So who is this book for?
I would say this is for anyone that likes the story of an underdog. This story doesn’t end like most fight stories that I have seen which was nice. Don’t read this if you get easily offended by obscene/rude thoughts, words, or gestures, because although there isn’t a lot, there is enough to offend some people.

My Recommendation
If you want something that will help you out with your writing I think this is a great book to read. I had some trouble getting into it at the beginning, but toward the end I couldn’t put the book down. It was a tad bit cliché, but all in all I thought it was a pretty descent book, and would recommend reading it. Go pick up a copy of Fighting Ruben Wolfe today.


  1. zorlone says

    Cool review Izzy. I have to admit I haven't been reading much. I am still in the middle of Twilight lent by a friend of mine. he he he.

    Everybody loves the story of an underdog. Why wouldn't we, right? It brings inspiration and on a personal note, brings pleasure specially if there's a happy ending.


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