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Improving Your Writing Through Article Elements: Writing a Good Intro

After you get your Title to hook your audience is important to realize that the intro to your article is equally important. You know how teachers in school tell you that you need you should be hooked within the 1st 15 sec? Well this is so true. An intro, or more the first paragraph is what will tell readers if you know what you are talking about, and if they want to continue reading. You can’t please everyone, but here are some general pointers to a good intro.

Stick with What Your Title Implies
This sounds really stupid but there are times when you will see an article that written on a different subject than what the title conveys. I think this is really relevant when it comes to YouTube. This isn’t writing but I see a lot of videos that are titled incorrectly and while they do get views, they aren’t creditable (though they are funny.) Bottom line, if you want people to come back make sure that your intro sticks with your title.

Ask (Then Answer) a Commonly Ask Question

Do have problem with your acne? Tried everything, and nothing works? Here is what you might be doing wrong…
Now this doesn’t have to be exactly what you want to talk about, but doesn’t it make sense? If you want someone to look deeper into your post you almost need to make it seem like an infomercial. Now don’t yell at people like Billy Mays, but let people know that if they have an issue you might be able to help.

This is the Spot Where You Open up to your Audience; Don’t Blow it
Not to pressure you, but the intro where someone will either decide if you are worth reading, or just another copycat out there on the web. Make sure that they have a GENERAL OVERVIEW of what the title and the article have in common before they finish the paragraph. If they leave, that is their fault, but don’t force someone to leave because they got fooled with the title that you wrote, leave that to the YouTubers.

Don’t bore your Readers
Intro’s can sometime last too long because the author wants to make sure that everyone gets the general point. While this is not terrible I generally try and get the point off within 4 to 5 sentences as you can start to sound annoying. If someone wants to read your article they will know after probably the 1st 2 sentences, don’t bore them by telling sharing EVERYTHING that you plan to give them through your article.

Edit as Always, but Double Check Your Into
Editing as ways is very import, but making sure that you double check the intro is probably the most important in the editing process because if you mess up with your English here people won’t bother reading the rest. Sure the last paragraphs are important, but you got to make sure not to mess up on your hook as people won’t even get to the other paragraphs.

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  1. Anonymous says

    hey there...just added you to my new blog list at my newest blog Backroom Treasures!

    Irtiza104 says

    yap, i agree with you. good intros can increase blog's popularity.

    and i often skip reading long intros.

    Izzy Daniels says

    Glad to see that you agree. Long into are just annoying and are completely not useful. They hurt you more than they help

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