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Round up all the content, I'm going to camp

In light of the fact that it is Monday, and that I am leaving for a week I think it is time for me to show what has happened this week. This means that is time for another weekly roundup.

Work got kinda mixed into my schedule, and I sent in an application to freelance website that I got accepted to. The site is called The Examiner, and it is going to be for the Denver location. I was going to be writing for endurance training, but half way through the application they put me on breakdancing which I really don’t mind to be honest.

This week I opened up the doors for people to write guest posts. I had a problem with my form and lost a friend’s application but I did get an excellent post from Revelations Zero about How to Write Content that Sells.

Last Tuesday I cranked out an article on How to avoid messing up your post schedule this was probably the short info post I have ever done and it needs something added to it, but it gets the point across which is good.

As for last night well, I cranked out one last article for you guys that should help you deal with Flame and Spam off your websites. It’s not always a pretty think, but if utilized it can actually help your blog rather than hurt it.

Next Tuesday I will be starting a weeklong series if all goes as planned. Basically what you will be see is a guide on how to improve your blog just by fixing commonly messed up issues with just the post itself. For all my readers I will see you on Saturday, as for everyone that is just now visiting for the 1st time please subscribe by either RSS or Email.


  1. Rose Works Jewelry says

    Have fun at camp! And I'll try to write a post for you soon - life's been crazy!

    yanjiaren says

    I hope you have a wonderful week Izzy and take care of yourself. I always enjoy your blog and if some things come through as planned over the next two months you will be in for some pleasant surprises.

    Brillie says

    Thanks for sharing how to write content that sells. It's very usefull for me :)

    Jena Isle says

    These are useful pointers Izzy. Keep writing.

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