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Of the weeks, tobias 3, and the talent show

As you all might have noticed, I have added an "of the week's" column. This is for info that I find interesting on the web throughout the week. If something stays up longer it’s because I don’t have a chance to get to it, or I can’t find anything that week that is any better. Let me know if you think you have something worth making it on the wall, and I’ll take a look.

Letters from Tobias Zeling 3 is finally uploaded to the web. For those of you haven’t tuned in yet, it is a story about the very first vampire, and how he is trying to grow up with a human family. Part One and Part Two were a lot of fun and I recommend you check it out.

I am still working on getting all my work up into one folder, but I’ve been rather busy. The talent show was Wednesday and Thursday. I would have the clip up here for you all, but the computer is being stupid and won’t upload the clip. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to show it.


  1. Jenai says

    This looks really intriguing and quite Gothic, gonna check it out..

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