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Internet, and computer only fail you

Last night, I finally finished writing up a short story that I have been working on uploading for two weeks or so now. I hit the save button on Triond's servers and hit the submit button, publishing my work. This morning I logged on to Triond to see if anyone had comment on my work, only to find a "not enough information in your article" message.

I didn't see how this was possible, considering the rest of the stories were all about the same length so I went to the revisions tab to re-read, and check what was wrong. To my amazement they had deleted the last 5 paragraphs of my work!!!

So now I'm just a bit bummed, as it means I have to go through and type it all over again. I had started to save most of my work to word, but forgot in this case, and now I am paying for it. Word to the wise; even if your work is up on the web, make sure you have a second copy. Technology is great, till it malfunctions, and then it ruins your life haha.

I was going to put up the link for Tobias Zeling Part 3 today, but it looks like it won't be up till tomorrow. In the mean time feel free to check out Parts 1, and 2.


  1. qiwoman says

    That is soooooo frustrating. I had that problem a few times too and had to re write it all over again Ouch!

    Ravyn says

    I know the feeling; I've lost a lot of things I've typed from waiting too long to save and having the computer freeze up on me.

    Good luck making up for it!

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