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Top Droppers

Today I dub as an excellent accomplishment. I finally was able to obtain 100 drops through the use of my time and thought it important to let out a bulletin to all of the dedicated people that support my blog on a daylie basis. Here are my top ten droppers

A Jedi's Musings (11)

Steven Video (10)

Learn This (6)

Veramore (5)

Greys and Things (5)

Topclanz (5)

Fabulous Holiday (4)

Treasure Nature (4)


BlogDeManila (3)

Please check them out, and give them some love. As for me, well I am currently hanging at a friends for his birthday, and am currently being anti-social, so it is time for me to head back to the PS 3. Feel free to look around at the rest of my entries, and leave a comment or two. Peace


  1. Jenai says

    Congratulations on all your top droppers!

    Rose Works Jewelry says

    Awww - thanks for linking to my blog!

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