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Slight side tracking for a minute

As I was trying to generate more page views through easyhits4u (great site, you should check it out.) I ran across an add that seemed kinda cool.

The idea behind Zenzu is that it is a social networking site like Myspace, yet unlike Myspace this company actually shares ad revenue with you. It is free to sign up, and already has a decent amount of users on it.

Here is the link to sign up, they have a video that explains it in greater detail. As an intro I am planning on giving out 50 entrecard points to the 1st 10 who sign up. Leave a comment with your user name, and I'll send the points immediately.


  1. Yanjiaren says

    That's a great offer you got there, may check it out in the morning, btw did you receive your little pressie via paypal this morning for your ppclix refs?

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