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Time To pick up the Pencil and Start Writing

I have been rather lazy about my writing lately. With all the stuff going on with school it has been hard to get about coming up wit new material.

The other night I did log on AC and found that I need to write up a Valentine Poem for them, as it is due in like a week. I like the fact that I have made 5 bucks with them already, and my revenue is slowly creeping in some more.

As for my book...Well, Three has been on the self for a while now. I plan on picking it back up, but with my cousin in town for only two days I am kind of busy.

So that is my short update, I hope to see you all commenting, as I plan on putting out a contest here in the next few days... In the meantime, enjoy what I have posted and God bless.


  1. Sarah says

    Congratulations on your success with AC so far - you're doing much better than I have with them!

    I hope you manage to get yourself back on track with your writing. I know a lot of people have struggled after the holidays, myself included, but hopefully seeing the money starting to add up on AC will give you a little bit of motivation.

    Russell says

    Hi Izzy,

    Loved the video by the way! I must admit I havent exactly been overly keen on writing lately but seems I write for a living i have no choice! lol

    look forward to the contest.

    Feel free to check out my writing homepage


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