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New Look! New Adverts! More money!

Soooo....I've not spoken alot over my blog in the last couple days. I have been working on finding a few sites that would help me get a bit more bang for my buck, through use of my blog, and through the use of sites that I visit. While working on generating more views to hopefully boost my page rank.

EntreCard has just got more amazing. They added a market, which lets you buy stuff that other users offer. I have used my EC to buy three text links (Two for LoaTW and one for MMT) One was a permilink, and the other was was for 4 months. I like test links better as they seem to be cheaper, and since I don't have the greatest picture ad it seems to sound better when I look at PR, that I currently have a zero :( I have also put up my own ads, and have reached 1600Ec for the 1st time ever, which is really cool to me.

I have updated my blogs, new look to all of them. MMT hasn't had a blog update for a while as I haven't had much to report, but Clips Off the Web is looking hopeful now that I put an Entrecard widget on it, and have gotten more views than I have in the last month in the last two days.

Triond paid me this week, and I got 52 cents lol. Not a lot, but at least I have something to show for my work now. Please to check out MMT as I will be posting my earnings, and a few more this that I am not really adding here. I have a movie review or two that I really need to write up sometime soon. have a great week everyone.


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