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Paying Post! Make Some Extra Money

Wouldn't we all like to make a little extra money online? Sure we can make pennies here and there, but what about some cold hard cash. Advertisers make their money by getting you to their site, and one site in particular that I found that lets you make money blogging is Paying Post.

Advertisers like to have online bloggers talk about their products which is where Paying Post comes in. They connect those blogger that would like to make some extra cash with the advertisers, and let them make deals with one another through Open Opportunities. This is a place where advertisers put up the work that they want done. Writers can the pick the ones that fit their blog, and write up a review if they think the cash the advertiser is paying is worth it. Also advertisers can put up sustain guidelines for the content they want. (How would you like it if you if you paid someone to write a review and they trashed your product?) Haha, that is why the guidelines can range from number of words, to overall opinion and stuff like that.

I submitted both my blogs and got a fast response from them. It's free to sign up, their site is very easy to navigate, and they seem like very nice people. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


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