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Many thanks!!!

I didn't realize how great the response would be when I offered up this contest to you all, and for that I want to thank you. Comment love is part of the reason I continue blogging, since I know that right now with a PR of 0 I make like no money lol. I realize I'm not the best at responding to what you all have to say, and I apologize that I don't always comment back, but it's like my headline says "Teenage Writer" and I'm busy like no other.

I would like to stop and give a shout out to a question that Ravyn asked. No, I'm don't really care about a lot of quality, however I would like to to at least recall enough to prove that you actually read the post and not something like "great post," as I don't think that should count.

I am happy to say that I moved my widget up. I've found through dropping that I hate blogs that have their widget so far down, and will usually bookmark a blog just because it's widget is at the top. I'm working my way toward 70 drops a day on LoaTW, and Clips Off the Web.... that reminds me, those of you that haven't downloaded the Entrecard Toolbar, get it! I can now hit one button that will open up 10 of my favorites at a time, and does the same for inbox drops... it's a huge time saver if I do say so myself.

Well I'm working on another entry for AC and got some stuff brewing for MMT. I want to use EC credits to pay for people that sign up under me... Does anyone know if I can get ban for that? Anyways, if you have any question, or idea's for a new contest or two please let me know...I'm all ears.


  1. Ravyn says

    Given there are ways of buying just about everything else with Entrecards, I wouldn't expect there to be a problem...

    I like the new widget placement!

    Izzy Daniels says

    Thanks :) I thought you might lol. Thats good too know, cause getting ban from EC is not on the top of my to do list ;)

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