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Finally Getting Done on Mother’s Day

I just want to apologize for everything being so crazy on the blog this week. I’ve been working on finals with graduation and have also been trying to find a new layout that I can use as a home for my blog, and it’s making me really tired, hence the picture.

Good news is I think I found one. Those that have been reading probably saw it, but because I got no responses I think that I need something a bit better. I like this one and I hope that you like it too. Please leave some feedback.

As for the blog, everything will be a bit slow at the moment because I’m graduating high school on the 18th and have a lot of papers and stuff to worry about. Please let me know what you think of the new layout, and let me know what question you have me, my blog, and my lifestyle as I’m going to be developing an About Me section and need some stuff to throw in there.

So ya, this is about where I sign off the blog and tell you to have a great day…But because it is Mother’s Day I want to give a shot out to my mom and the mom’s around the world. We really own a lot to you as a lot of us could not be where we are today. Whether it be helping us with our homework, or comforting us when we are having a bad day you are awesome! I love you mom, and I hope that you know it.


  1. Rose Works Jewelry says

    Hope you had a great Mother's Day :) Like the new layout!

    zorlone says

    Congratulations Izzy! Graduation is a few days ahead and I hope you'll enjoy it when it comes.

    Have you applied to a college? Still a teenager, huh, pretty soon, LOATW might change. Anyway, this is a cool lay out. Looks like a blog, reads like a blog, feels like a blog, heck, it is a blog! A good one at that.

    Will e-mail you dude.


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