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Finding Time to Write in Our Busy Lives

I think a lot of times what we have problems with is letting little thinks get in our way. This can be as simple as having something else to do, to as difficult as actually coming up with ideas for you writing, here are a few tips and tricks to keep yourself from falling down the hole.

Always set out a Guideline
I talked about how important it was to set an outline for your work. Well this is similar when it comes to writing time. I’m not saying you need to write anything down, but tell yourself how much time you plan to spend and stick with it. This can be for 10min a day, or for 2 hours it doesn’t matter (though you will get less done.) Just make sure that you are setting aside that time, and sticking with it.

Dealing with Writer’s Block
We’ve all had and it’s perfectly normal, but if you are struggling then don’t waste your time that you have set out for yourself. I recommend that you go read a book, or sometimes going for a jog will help. This will help clear your mind, and get the writing blood flowing. Don’t worry that you aren’t putting words on the page, just concentrate on the guideline, and make sure to put the book down when you do get an idea.

Removing Distractions
I read on a blog post over at Learn This, that there are a few ways to fix the amount of time wasted on the computer, and I found two of the ideas to be very incitful.

One is that you should remove the Internet cable from your computer. Now, at first glance you would think, “I’m writing a blog for the Internet. Why would I remove my cable?" Well the truth is you should already be using word to copy paste, and unless you are using the Internet for research there is no real reason that you should be using the Internet anyways.

Also Mike (Learn This's Author) brought up that you should not use the music on your computer. We all love our iTunes, but how much time do you spend rating your songs, or searching for a song you like better? If you say anytime at all then it is better for you to just flip on the radio, and not have to deal with picking out your songs.

If you want to read his full article you can catch up right Here.

Storing Up Ideas
If you read my Ideas! I need Ideas! article then you already know where I’m kind of going with this. However, after talking with a friend I realized the importance of a notepad, something that can go in your pocket. This way you can write down ideas no matter where you are, and you don’t have to worry about remembering them. This will save you a lot of time when you actually sit down to write, and will maximize the time you can spend on your story/post.

Lastly: Don’t Forget to Edit!
I wrote an post about Editing (find it Here) and discussed a few ideas on how to edit you work, but I can’t stress how important editing is! Even if you have a great story/article it can be shot down, because of errors. If you need to take some time in-between writing and editing do!

Even if you write the story one day and edit it a week later you will still be better off then if you never do it at all. If you end up having one or to spelling errors at the end then you are actually alright, just make sure that everything makes sense and that you aren’t missing anything.

So what about you? What do methods do you use to finding writing time in your schedule? Is there anything you would like to add, or take away?
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  1. Rose Works Jewelry says

    Great ideas :)

    And thanks for the advice on my jedi blog :)

    zorlone says

    I have a short attention span. Specially with the internet connected to my computer. hehehe.

    I seem to wander off to places I think of while having to overcome a writer's block. Well, your suggestion makes sense. remove the cable. But... okay, no buts.

    Dude, this is another interesting post. Thank you for posting this.


    Terri says

    After reading this, I just realized that the little box of ideas I keep for my stories/poems/scripts just got packed away into a box I don't plan on opening until after I move. Oops! but anyway, these are great tips. I should follow them sometime.

    sen and qi says

    Wow your blog is awesome. I have a few teenage techie friends across the Net and I am learning geekiness fAst. I found you while adgitizing.

    Izzy Daniels says

    Ya me too lol. its a wonder I get homework done.

    well that is no good. I have a box like that...well its a folder, but I havn't touched it in a looooong time. I should probly get on that....

    Thank for stoping to comment. and thank you for the compliment. I'm trying to converge over to wordpress, but we will see.

    As for geekness ya its a lot of fun. I love going out and finding out how to do stuff on the web.

    Revelations says

    Another very helpful blog post. I think I might become a regular reader here. I'm not one for the whole article website thing. I prefer having it all under my control on my own blog, but these practices can be applied either way.

    Jena Isle says

    Hi Izzy,

    I don't edit sometimes. I type directly into the template. This is my weakness; that's why I have several typos and sometimes poorly constructed sentences.

    Your pointer about putting it aside for even a week, is excellent. I once did this and I was astounded as to the glaring errors I have previously written.

    When I run out of ideas, I often visit MyLot - a forum- and then answer some questions. When I go back after a few minutes, the thoughts come rushing in again.

    This is a very informative post . Thanks for sharing.

    Irtiza104 says

    in our busy and scheduled life it's hard to find time to write posts. but it is also a necessity coz WE LOVE BLOGGING. i think it is important to set a time for writing new articles.

    removing distractions is always useful. i often find it very difficult to write posts while leaving my yahoo IM open. signing out is the best option.


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