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Meet the Face of The Blog

Here is my 1st video post. I realized after uploading it that there was a sound difficulty but I hope that you all can still understand it.


  1. zorlone says

    Hey Izzy,

    I just saw your 1st video blog! cool! The voice behind the picture and the posts!

    I think it is also important to read the posts of our fellow bloggers than just drop and go. i sometimes try to keep up with dropping ECs and forget to read their posts. So, like what you've been doing, I will be dropping on the blogs I actually read. Not even close to 50! LOL.

    And thanks for the special mention here! I am honored!

    Btw, I won a contest, you can read about it from my blog. Some of the prizes include domains. I actually won 4 of them! So, I'll take you on that offer, okay?


    Jena Isle says

    Hi Izzy,

    That was a good video. I noticed that you and Doc Z, had started blogging almost simultaneously. He started February and you started January.

    Good luck to all your great plans.

    Izzy Daniels says

    Don't get me wrong, when starting out all I did was drop, and that is what I still do over at MMT, but I felt once I started getting readership over here that dropping is less necessary as I am really only doing it now because of cash out.

    Shea says

    So that's what you look like. Nifty.

    As for the layout, I find the site a little narrow so I'd suggest going to the 960 grid (reference: http://960.gs/ ), keeping the sidebars slimmer and giving the content more room.

    As for the rest, good luck! But do try to have fun with it too.

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