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5 things you should learn before starting a blog

Ahh…Another month finished on my blog, and the beginning of my new domain name. As you all know I have now been on this blog for 4 months (minus a few days) and in those days I’ve learned a few ins and outs when it comes to blogging.

Content is Key
1st I’ve learned that having good content is key to having a good blog. Even if no one comments on your blog, it is still utterly important that you don’t produce crap. Sure, it might get you a few readers, and your parents and a few select friends will read what you have to say, but in the end you will feel all dried up, and have nothing really that great to show for it.

The Importance of Reading
Reading other blogs is vital to survive in the blogging community. If you don’t know what works then how will you turn around and show others. Read successful blogs, and make comments where you see fit. If your comment is relative (i.e. something better than “great post, I loved it”) you will most likely get a comment back, and if you don’t, you will atleast get a visit from someone that reads your comment if you are lucky. Along with this, respond to people’s comments. Not just on your site, but try your best to head over to theirs. They spent the time to read your content, and it is common courtesy to read theirs if you have the time.

Make your blog Easy to read
As a reader, I hate it when I go to a blog and the page is glitchy, or takes a long time to load. This is usually due to the amount of ads, or a terrible layout, and I have to tell you…Get rid of it! Other than one friend that I make an exception to, I won’t even bother reading blogs that have this problem, because even if your content is good, I have to waste my valuable time trying to wait for the browser to catch up. Sorry, but I’ve already hit the x button and moved on.

Making Money is Not Going to take place over night
Many bloggers talk about this, so I’m going to reiterate what they have said before me. Whether you like it or not, you will not be the next John Chow, at least not today. Blogging takes hard work, and a lot of effort, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. I’ve been blogging for nearly 4 months now, and I’ve made only 5$ off adsense, along with fifty cents I just made off CMF ADS, and a few bucks from Adgitize. I’ve made more money off PTC sites, surveys, and Triond/AC Writing than I have made off this blog, but I don’t care since I’m still learn the ways of the web and how to market your blog.

And lastly…Have fun Doing what you are doing
It is the most cliché thing in the world but it is so true. Let people know that you are having fun, because if you don’t, why would they want to follow you. Make an effort to show that your work is fun, and not just another blog of the same sort. Show users that you care about them and want their feedback by holding contests, or leaving open your posts to question answering as such. Readers are the #1 reason that most people start a blog, and if they aren’t having fun no one will want to follow them.

I realize there are more, but this about where I need to cut it here as the list could go on. So what do you guys think? Have you seen anything different in your blogging experience, or does this sound about right? What advice would you give to people when they are starting a blog to avoid mistakes that you made as a newbie?


  1. Ambary says

    I haven't really wanted to start a blog, but I have to agree with your points. Anyone who begins anything that hundreds of other people are doing daily has to work hard to get noticed or to reach above the crowd.
    I would add that "Money is not the reason." If you blog only to try and get cash, then your blogs will be economical. It's the same with any production. If I stopped producing music only because I wasn't satisfied with the income then I could never call myself a musician. The same principle works with blogging, in my opinion. If you don't enjoy it, don't bother doing it.

    john says

    after 1 month of blogging, i only have 41 cents for my adgitize. if i write a post everyday, i will get 0.02cents. if not, i will only get 0.01cents. what the... how bout you? i only have 58cents for my adsense. can tell me how cmf pay?

    Izzy Daniels says

    I completely agree with that, and ment to weave it in. I think that is why my other blog has do rather poorly it's because blogging about writing is something that I am very passionant about.

    I have had the same problem with adjetize. you used to make .05cents a day when you posted, but they lowered it. As for CMF it depends on you. Prices range from 25cents per square to as high as you like, but I have mine set for 50cents. Just try and gauge it by other blogs similar to you.

    Terri says

    These are all great tips. It took me probably a year to realize that keeping it simple and current is the best thing you can give readers. I'm still not making a lot of money from my blog, but as long as people keep clicking on my ads, I'll be happy.

    Rose Works Jewelry says

    Izzy, thanks for the input on my blog. Do you have the links for CMF and Triond? Any suggestions for finding a good 3 page layout?

    Robin says

    You raise some good points. When I first started blogging my main concern was that people wouldn't be interested if I simply wrote about personal experiences but then I discovered that when people can relate (the idea of "been there, done that") then they will comment. And, I find that one of the easiest ways to get people to comment is to ask a question somewhere in the post.

    I found your blog through Entrecard and have been dropping for awhile .. now I figured it was time to stop lurking and drop a comment!

    Rose Works Jewelry says

    Thanks! I'll wait to check out CMF until I out get the site layout redone...but I'll checkout Triond later today!

    Izzy Daniels says

    That is exactly how I feel lol. Pennies at a time! lol

    I too have realized this, but it really depends on what you want to acomplish with your blog. I do like to share opinions with people and speak my mind, but hopefully someday I can get a source of income from this blog, and that is my far off dream. Its hard to make money with a personal diary lol

    Nessa says

    I often wonder why some just love to put loads and loads of badges in their blogs...

    Izzy Daniels says

    Maybe to feel more special lol. either way, its really just a newbie mistake.

    Webbielady says

    After blogging for more than a year and with so many blogs, I have to agree with all of what you said except number one. Although content is the key, matching with the correct key-wording should be it's aprtner. There are so many beautifully written posts and perfect posts that left unnoticed because search engines have difficulty indexing them, or they are too lazy to promote their own blogs (they lack number 5) and everything is left wasted. I still have to learn a lot in blogging as I have page ranks on blogs I don't work hard with and blogs I focus my time at are left with lower or no PRs. ;(

    Jena Isle says


    I maybe guilty of a slow loading site, I will have to learn more about how to facilitate this process. Your pointers are useful for bloggers who want to earn or for those who simply want to write.

    Roy says

    during the first months of my blogging, I wasn't reading other blogs... not even after I got my first comment.

    it was only last year that I realized that blogging is even more fun (and engaging) when you visit other blogs and interact with other bloggers

    Izzy Daniels says

    How True, and I need to get better at optimizing mine lol. I often get straffic to posts that are garbage, and nothing to my good posts.
    Ya, fixing your blog can sometimes be hard, but moving away ads, and stickers for "best blog award" can help out so much. If you want some advice on fixing this I can try and help you.
    yep it does make it a lot more fun, you develope reader along with friends and you get some great info while you are at it

    Justin says

    Thanks for this post. Its always nice to get someone's perspective on blogging. Its a tough world out there, and you should make it as fun as you can. The community can be great, and very supportive. I've met some very nice people since blogging...


    Izzy Daniels says

    yeh justin,
    meeting plp over blogging is a lot of fun and can actually be sometimes better than just goin out and making money...atleast that is the way that it is for me.

    Revelations None says

    Very helpful advice. I'm only just getting out into the blogging world, but I don't really mind whether or not I make money. But if I ever decide to, I'll certainly follow your advice. I already browse for and read regularly quite a few blogs, so i guess I'm doing something right.

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