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Weekly Round Up

So this week seemed a bit shorter as far as posting on this blog was concerned. With graduation, my party, and just wrapping certain thing up, it seemed hard to get everything out (that is why this post didn't show up yesterday.) I was happy though with what I accomplished, as the comments have been pouring in the last few days.

Blog Posts

  • To start the week off I showed you all my review of Fighting Ruben Wolfe. I liked this book and thought I would share a few of my thoughts as well as give you all place to purchase it. I apologize that I could not find a cheaper version on Amazon, but it just goes to show how good a book it really is.
  • Can Paid Post’s Hurt My Writing? In this post I discussed the in's and out's of why having paid posting can either hurt, or help you blog. I got some good comments here including one from Bingkee, who brought out that....
    It's not gonna hurt your writing. Your writing is your "mark" so whatever you write, does not affect your writing. The only thing paid post does to affect is your Google Page Rank. It can drop your PR, just like it did to everybody else's blogs that do have paid posts.
  • I finished off the week with 7 Things I Learned in High School that Can be Applied to Writing/Life. Within this post I dove into taking lessons that I learned from high school, and appling them to both writing, and common parts of life that I have experienced so far.
As for other types of writing this week I haven't really had the time. Same with reading, I've just been too busy. I do have a few great plans for this week, so let's hope they all work out. In the mean time check out the PlotDog winner's this week. (Rose, I havn't forgotten your request. I will have a run down shortly.)

Dragon Blogger – “A Moment Spend For Me Alone” - Poem about a suicidal person’s last moment.
Christable Anon – “myth” - The myth of life naked in the cold of December…
Zorlone – “Padyak” - Escape is on thoughts of so many. If they are lucky to know a different life they can dream of it and try to take action. We don’t really know how badly people want to escape until we see that ourselves or live that experience.”-Alexandra Garland
Jennifer M Scott – “Elemental” - I went camping this past weekend and this is what I wrote.

About Writing
Izzy Daniels – “Remaining Consistent is Key To good Writing” - Why consistency is important, and how we can go about find ways to set up goals for ourselves to remain consistent.

Script / Short Story
Roy – “The Strongest Link” - A short script I wrote for my son’s classroom presentation.
Jena Isle – “Go Home Yankees” - A story about an uncommon friendship.


  1. zorlone says

    Nice round up Izzy!
    Congratulations for making it to the woof list. You are consistently there dude!


    sen and qi says

    Wow Izzy you have been busy. I have been down with flu and vomited 4 times today, that wasn't nice but I still managed to put up my payment proof for today. I also need to catch up on your week's posts I I only managed to skim through them due to feeling poorly. God bless and see you tomorrow.

    Izzy Daniels says

    oh sen,
    That ain't good. Being sick is never pleasant. I hope you get feeling better soon.

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