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Using Sites Like Plot Dog to Promote your Work

This post is actually in direct response to Rose Works Jewelry, who asked what Plot Dog was.

Well in short, Plot Dog is a site where users can submit poems, short stories, or articles based on writing into a writing contest. Other writers then select the people that they think are the best qualified to win.

Ok, so how do I sign up?
In order to sign up head over to their homepage at PlotDog.com. From there click on the latest contest entry form, which is about a page down toward the middle. From here you will be sent to a page that asks for the information on your post, and who you are. They will then email you a thank you for your entry, and on the Friday or Saturday of that week you will receive another email that asks you to vote on the winners. Make sure you read their guidelines first which can be found HERE.

How well does it work though?
Quite honestly I have noticed quite a difference in my work. I get a lot more comments now, and my traffic has gone up by quite a bit. What is also nice is that I have gotten to meet quite a few friends through this service, all of which who are really nice people. The only real problem I find is that because you can vote as a writer, most people can vote for themselves. Technically I see nothing wrong with that, however people also vote for their friends, so sometimes you will lose even if your writing is better.

Is Plot Dog for me?
If your blog has anything to do with writing then yes, it is for you. There are other writing contests out there though this is one of the easiest ones that I have found to sign up for. I’m also a fan because they have entries every single week. This means that if you lose one week, you can turn around and enter the next week.

So what do you think? What has been your experience with blog writing contests? Are there any other writing contests that are similar to this one that you would recommend?


  1. Rose Works Jewelry says

    Thanks for all the info Izzy! I'll have to check it out :)

    Izzy Daniels says

    You are very welcome :)

    Revelations Zero says

    If your blog is not based around writing, but you do tend to write short stories and the such like but publish them on different sites, would it still be a good option?

    Izzy Daniels says

    hmmm...that is a very good question. One that I don't know the answer to. Let me talk with admin on Woof and I will get back to you on that.

    zorlone says

    Hey Izzy,

    Cool post! I'm sure Terry and Rose of woof dog appreciates this a lot.


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