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Taking a Long Break and making the best of it

As a blogger we sometimes have the problem of going overboard. Not to say that keeping up on your blog is a bad thing, but there are times, when we tend to stress ourselves out, and can't take the idea of blogging anymore. I had this problem in trying to remain consistent for 4-5 months with my blog, and then ended up giving up and taking a 9 month break just to try and get my life in order. Now would I recommend this to other blogger out there? Definitely not, because if you are trying to build a fan base, about a month is all you can go with out losing most of your loyal readers. However, like most things we do need to take a break. Here are a few pointers on getting back and into the game...

-Start looking around the web and see what is going on. Social media that is changing, current things that have changed in the blogging realm etc. This also includes finding a few blogs that are about the same topic as your blog. Seeing what they are referencing is a good idea to do just because then you know what is going on in your niche.

-Coming back can be hard, but getting your 1st post is the hardest. Even if it is short, don't put it off. It might only be a paragraph but that paragraph is the starting point. As a writer it is really easy to say things like "Oh, I'll get around to it." Well if you don't start, then it will never get done, so go out and do something.

-Get reconnected. Try by just saying hey to a few of the old blogs you read. This can mean hitting up twitter, or going to your Reader if you have one. Letting know people know that you are back is good especially if they are your friends. They can hook you up with some advice, or maybe just ask you how you have been. Either way, it is still a pretty good idea.

These are just a few quick ideas to get started blogging again. I know there are probably more that I am not hitting on but here are a few to just ponder. Good luck blogging, and best of wishes at jumping back into the blogging world.

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