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The Use of Forums to get Traffic to Your Blog

A few weeks off ago I wrote a post over at my other blog on LoLnatics. Because of the subject matter I thought it would be a great idea to copy paste it to the League of Legends forums and send a link directly to my blog. While I did get quite a few angry responses as well as a lot of good feedback, what I was happy with was the amount of traffic that my blog got as you can see from the picture.

Now for those of you thinking that you really want get this kind of traffic, be forewarned... My post WTB a Team That Doesn't Cuss Teammates Out? had some subject matter that actually got me a lot of critisizm. Not to say that I didn't fight back in the forums, (yes, i got involved in a flame war) but the point is, that if you do something like this just be aware that not everyone is going to love what you say. Here are some pictures of the forum that prove my point.

While the 1st one was funny from the start, it quickly turned to someone that just really didn't get the message of my post. As for the second one well I don't know what happened with them, but they really didn't like my post. oh, and this being said... Make sure that the forums that you are posting on in order to get blog traffic don't have rules against doing things like i did. If they do what you can always do is just copy the 1st paragraph, or, you can ask a specific question, and then just say something like "It is more detail HERE, but I was just wondering..." I'm not saying saying that anyone should go out and do anything against their forum policy, be smart about.

As for other responses well fear not I did get constructive feedback. I won't show you all the people that were "I agree, you are awesome," cause that type of feedback only goes so far, and if you want to see the whole thing, you can go HERE. There was this one comment that stood out though that I think is worth sharing.

You will get a bunch of flame. And to tell you the truth all comments were made on the forum post and not my blog, but that is really ok in this situation as I was really only trying to get more people over to my blog and build a community of like minded people. Anyways, if you have questions about this, or feedback that is relevant please comment below. I am happy to answer questions you have


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