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A Week of New Beginnigs

As you know I went back to school this week. With new teachers, and old I've realized that school call be both fun, and irritating at the same time...

Because I am a Senior, I already know most of the teachers which is a big plus to my report card, and my rep. The say that "a little brown-nosing goes a long way," while sometimes considered negative is something that I consider a very positive aspect of school. "Brown-nosing," needs not be done in excess, but trying to accomplish what the teachers wants, they way they want it always helps out a lot.

Entertainment Updates

I have been keeping a pretty firm tab on my writing this week. Most have been up on Triond, but the other night I logged into AC to find that I had a nice paypal deposit of five bucks waiting for me! Please check out How to Start a Collection and Getting Over a Break Up

As far as this week is concered. Here is a list of what I have published, and a list of what is to come.


  • Sorry To You All- This was an article that explains to the community (Triond mostly) about my lacking in the comments department. I try to read everything my friends post, but don't always get around to it. Plus there is a sweet pic of me doing a handstand so you should have a look :) I was pumped as it got 23 views in the 1st 2 days.

  • Say Yes to Yes Man- I went and saw the movie Yes Man with Jim Carey in it. I met two friends there Austin and Rachael, and I wrote my review of the movie. Please check it out.

  • Eagle Eye- I went and saw this with Evan a while back, and finally got it put up by AC.

Works in Progress

  • I realized just how hard it is to access everything on Triond, so I'm going to put up a database of all the stuff I put up there...hopefully it will make everything easier for you all.

  • Three is coming along nicely, and I will be putting out Letters from Tobias Zeling 3 later this week (Saturday most likely.)

  • I'm starting a new section that will put up my writer of the week. This week I decided to go with Christine Ramsay on her poem The River. I know that there are plenty of other good writes out there (including hers) but I am extremely busy, and this was the first that truly caught my eye.

Strongly Suggested?

  • In all honesty, I didn't see a lot of sites that I extremely liked, as I was busy setting up my blog. There are quite a view good info sites though, and blogs are crammed with a lot of excellent info... (hopefully I'll add some next week.)

  • One thing that did catch my eye though was BoJack454's post about the economy and how to improve it. I thought the beginning sequence is what drew me in the most, just because he shares my opinions there. Check it out.


I added a little program that reads this all off to you all. Making it able to read while you browser the Internet, and as for everything else, well... I am pretty much done adding to this post so that is it for now.


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