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Hey Hey Hey!!!

As I was doing my Entrecard clicks today, I found this video on a blog (sorry to who ever it was, I forgot to copy your blog too.) But ya check it this out

In addition, I wanted to add some news. I got my 1st work in a while up on the web. It's Letters From Tobias Zeling 4. For those of you who haven't been reading it's a mini series for Three, the book that I'm writing. It follows a young Vampire, as he tries to make sense of his powers.

Jesse and I made it up to the mountains today. What a site!! You could see for miles, and miles around. There were tons of trees all over the place. Birds were singing, as they flew from nest to nest, getting food to feed their young ones...Read more

Anyways, I think I will leave you with a brief video that I have seen somewhere else as well before, but found it interesting enough to post here. Wait till the end...


  1. green not mean says

    You are doing so well.I love following your stories. I am still under the weather so hopefully I will update my money blog tomorrow as you are my winner of the month. I will do a post and give you your prize tomorrow o.k? I think you deserve it.
    Here si what I wrote on my green blog today. I do other blogs too. It's me by the way from qiwoman's click corner lol.

    Russell Smitheram says

    Great post, as always. How do you fancy swapping links? I'm adding a 'Friends Blogs' list to my blog where I'll link to blogs I like in exchange for links to my blog.

    Let me know what you think. Look forward to the next post :-)

    Jenai says

    Hello Izzy haven't forgotten your comment Prize, you will be receiving all your goodies tomorrow. I was so stressed out the last few days I did a bit of singing on Youtube today, I posted it on my blog lol. I will announce you as the winner for Jan on my blog tomorrow. Take care.

    Erik says

    Here's to a hopeful future.

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