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Edit, Edit, Edit... time to relax and take it easy

Yesterday proved to be a lot of work for me, as I went through the nasty process of cleaning up the look to this blog. I add some new buttons, took away some pesky ads, and above all...added a new layout that I found. I've long been wanting one, as the blank space was making my blog look rather dull and not at all attractive. So I would like to know what you all think about the look now, and give me a bit of advice on how to improve it, as it is you guys that are reading.

I've added a blog entry to MMT, and made a contest like atmosphere for those of you that are interested in signing up for a PTC site or two.

Also while cleaning up and browsing other sights, I realized that I need something that people could take away from my blog. Yes, the fact that I have all my work posted to the sidebar is nice, however, sites that seem to succeed have a niche, and this site really doesn't have one. So, I'm going to use writing as a means of bettering myself, and hope that you all take something away on this site, as writing is the whole reason I started this, and hope that those reading love it too.

Lastly I just wanted to thank those that are checking out Clips Off the Web, I now have over 50 unique views/day, and am working my way to 100 now.


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