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Post number 30!!!

Well there really isn't any other title for this, as I think it marks a landmark in history :P Anyways, I've been really tied up the last two days so I was lucky to get in a blog post on Friday. Before I go into some stuff let me give you all an update, on my spleen injury and such.

As most of you know I ruptured (yes, I thought it was a laceration, but the doc told us otherwise) my spleen two weeks ago snowboarding. Since then I have been working toward getting better and getting back to school.

I did make it to school on Wednesday, and Thursday, but by Friday my body wasn't feeling it so I stayed home. I did make it to work yesterday, though I only managed a 3 hour shift as I was feeling dizzy. So now I'm trying to spend as much time as I can outside, and with friends to get my body moving again.

Now to the good stuff
Writing is the way that I think a lot of people can cool themselves off. Whether it be steam, or just for fun, writing is an important part of our lives.

I often run into friends that don't read because they think it is dull. Dull! Yes, I agree that reading for school is not that great, however you won't stop watching movies because you saw one that sucked would you? Just like all types of entertainment, there are both good and bad choices when it comes to what you choose.

As you will recall, I wrote down 5 goals this last week that I want to start out doing. One of those goals was read more... Sadly, that is the only goal that I don't think I have met every night before I hit the hay. Reading is a great adventure, and I would never tell anyone not to go out and read.

Some Quick Other News
As other bloggers are probably aware, EntreCard is converting their point system to cash. This makes me proud as I will hopefully now start generating some cash from this blog. The only thing that I worry about is that I might have to take Clips off the server due to the fact that the widget won't agree with Today's TOS.

Oh, and lastly... An FYI for all you commentors out there. I was having trouble with the comment box so I installed a new one, the only thing is is that when you click on it, it will send you to the post's URL. From there just scroll to the bottom and leave your comment. Sorry if that confused anyone.


  1. Ravyn says

    Eh, most sites comment-function this way. At least it's working now.

    I'm hoping EntreCard goes with the two-tiered system they're bouncing around; as a very niche Today blogger, I get most of my traffic from droppers, and the conflict would, well, make a mess of things.

    Agree with you on the wondering about people who find reading dull. I remember going back home on a break from college, settling down with a nice book, and my nephew taking it upon himself to relieve me of what must clearly be a serious case of boredom. Took me several tries to convince him that no, I was having fun, now leave me alone so I can finish this chapter.

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