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A simpler guide to reading. What most teachers don't tell you.

As a teenager I have realized that reading for fun can be difficult to accomplish, as it seems that school takes away a lot of its meaning when we are forced to read, rather than get to read. Teachers want you to get an understanding for literature, and it's sad that this gesture is sometimes taken on as a chore, making us less interested in the aspect of reading.

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  1. Ravyn says

    You make some good points.

    I'll admit, I have trouble understanding that perspective; I was raised in such a way that I was finding reading interesting even before I was able to do it myself.

    Do you suppose that bridging into pen and paper reading through audiobooks might help the reluctant reader? Given that I got my taste for reading from being read to, I could see audio as at least providing a decent gateway.

    Izzy Daniels says

    Very much so, and I wish I had thought of that before I wrote the article. I too had a love of reading because of my mother, but with society and lack of it for so long I think I forgot what is was that I loved. Thank you so much for that comment.

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