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Blogging or Writing…What is More Important?

As I have managed to get sick this week I’ve come to realize that blogging can sometimes get in the way of writing. One would think that they would be one in the same, but the truth is that they are in fact very different. Blogging is taking knowledge that you know, and turning around to try and share that info with someone else through small posts, while writing is more about being passionate and letting out feelings from the heart.

I myself noticed this because all I’ve been worried about lately is making sure to hit up all my fellow Entrecard blogs to ensure that I stay in the “top dropper” classification. Also I had an issue with blogger because as you all know I have been working to get my own domain name.

Well I did IzzyDaniels.com, but when I switched over I lost my page rank. I was mad about this at 1st but the more that I think about is ok, since all my traffic is redirected to my new page. Still, it would like to get my PR back since it is the same dang page, and all the links post to the same place.

Now is wrong to spend a lot of time on your blog? No, but the truth is that in being a writer and blogger, you need to find some kind of balance between the two. This means setting aside time from your blog to actually sit down and write.

I know that I have brought something like this up at least 2 or 3 times, but it is so important! You don’t just want to write advice all the time do you? Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and write something creatively for a change. If that is not part of your blog, then don’t put it there! Add it to a site like Triond, or AC, or just keep for yourself to share once you get published or something, but find that balance.

I’m not saying this for everyone, some people only blog, and some people only write, but for those that do both you walk a fine line. Also, find time to visit those that comment on your work. It seems like not a lot, but they spent the time to read what you have to say, shouldn’t you do the same for them?

So that brings me to my question. How do you find time to both blog and write? Do you think that there is a difference or are they both the same thing?


  1. Rose Works Jewelry says

    Right now I spend more time blogging than I do writing, but for me they are interconnected. I have three blogs. One (roseworkstreasury.blogspot.com) is a treasury spotlight of other artisans that really doesn't involve much text, and there for writing. The second (roseworksjewelry.blogspot.com) is for my jewelry business. A lot of what I post over there is plain blogging, but I do one to two posts a week that are a higher quality of writing. The third, (ajedismusings.blogspot.com) is mostly my writing. However, with the exception of Aria's Quest, most of that is book reviews.

    I think every time I do a more in depth blog on my jewelry blog, or write a book review for my jedi blog, I'm working on my ability as a writer. It's not the fantasy that I also love to write, but I think the discipline is good for me, and I think I'm more likely to eventually make money as a result of that type of writing. Although publishing a book someday would be a dream come true!

    Unfortunately, I don't seem to find as much time to just write for fun as I should. That comes from balancing too many things! Including my jewelry business. I'm thinking I need to pick a time once a week that I carve out as a "no e-mail, no entrecard, no jewlery, nothing but writing fiction."

    Joanne says

    i think they were all the same until i read your post..haha.. well, i still do both, i share and i write.. my problem is sometimes i do not know what to write

    Zorlone says


    I think I am more of a writer since I usually have poems and whort stories. On occasion, I would have something to announce, like a latest post at AC or Helium, that is not like blogging at all. he he he.

    Anyway, I have yet given sound advise online, well if you think that my "Rejuvinating Siesta" was a post for a blog and not an article, then maybe I was able to put one after all.

    Congratulations with the domain name! How I wish I can have one too. he he he.


    Jena Isle says

    Hello Izzy,

    It is because of my blog that I was able to write 16 chapters of a story I've been itching to write since college.

    I equate blogging with writing, especially in my Gewgaw writing blog.

    For my other blogs, perhaps I can say , I am blogging...lol...but writing is writing no matter what method one uses.

    Happy blog hopping.

    Izzy Daniels says

    @ Rose, Joanne, Z, and Jena

    I think I need to make a clarification as I'm afraid I didn't think it all the way through...

    blogging is writing, but a blogg can be full of writes...ie Z's blog. also when people write advice colums they are usually writing oriented. It really comes in the def of Writer if you ask me. But I still think there is a samll difference between writting for others (a blog) and just plain writing for yourself.

    Jena Isle says

    Hi Izzy,

    I see your point. Yes, the primary consideration should be to write for yourself- that's true writing. But when we are blogging, we unconsciously write more for others. Thanks for making that clear. Keep writing.

    God bless and all the best.

    Anonymous says
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    Jon says

    For me writing must come before blogging. If I don't turn out a large amount of good quality, publishable articles I don't eat.

    WebbieLady says

    Sometimes some blogging stuffs can really be addicting such as getting on top of your EC category but soon, it will be regulated when you get tired of it. ^^

    Corey Freeman says

    They're the same thing. You -write- blog posts, and you can (and should!) put feelings into a blog post. The sharing of information that you're talking about is called "essay writing." Believe it or not, blog posts have a lot in common with your typical essay!

    That being said, I definitely spend more time on my blog than on my non-published works, haha.

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