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Spring Break is Crazy

The last few days have been both busy and very awesome. I published a new article over on Associated Content called Habit Kicking. It is a simple guide on how to kick bad habits. I also went to see a firework show that put off by the school of Mines up in Golden, and on top of all that I went to see the new Fast and Furious movie which I need to write a review of, but it was absolutely amazing.

1st things first I wanted to say that I logged in yesterday and found that I know have a PR 1! I know it seems like nothing, but for all the work I put in I am very glad to have finally been entered.

Where the Problem with Blogging Lies

I have found myself in a rough spot as I have been trying to convince family and friends that blogging actually does have some financial benefit and in doing so have forgotten about the whole reason I started this blog; promoting my writing work.

The solution for this is simple, I’m going to lay off the money making a little bit, and concentrate on getting some good quality articles out more often. This doesn’t mean I’m stopping altogether, but I am working harder to actually write more.

Tomorrow is the start of my 1st Series: Maximizing your Writing Time...


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