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Maximizing your writing Time: Start with the Outline

I have never been a huge fan of the outline, mostly because of what teachers seem to drill into our heads; formal outlines. They take a long time, usually involve a lot of un-needed work, and are quite truthfully just plain a hassle to bother with. Up until a few weeks ago my blog posts also suffered from this problem, and then I stumbled across Outstanding Writer.

I learned how to be a better writer by reading Outstanding Writer! Corey Freeman, freelance writer and the owner of Minus the Pie gives away in-depth secrets on how to become a fantastic writer and increase your readership and income through better writing and blogging. Learn how to become a better writer by subscribing today!

A week or two ago he had a post about Outlining your work, and after I read it it made a lot of sense. Basically her point was that if you don’t outline you end up having to go back, and add, or take out parts of you post. This can then later look sloppy, and discourage new readers from staying on your page.

I use this method to speed up the time I spend blogging by laying out what I have to talk about in bullet form. It is nice because you can do this while watching TV, or just waiting for your browser to load. Take my example of this post…

1. Outline your work
• Out Standing Writer
• How I apply to my writing
2. Next stuff to cover
• Plans for Series
• New Writes coming up

So there is a small example click HERE to see OW’s full version. I plan on alternating with stuff that I am working on, along with this series. I know I won’t be able to go too far, but I hope that it will be somewhat useful advice.

As for my new writing that will be interlocked…I plan on picking up Tobias Zeling again. If you are still new to the series click HERE.


Time to Publish
Editing your work
Ideas! I need Ideas!
Start with the Outline


  1. Corey Freeman says

    Thanks for the post. Couple of mistakes. You said "highlight" instead of "outline" in the third? paragraph and you got my gender wrong. I'm a girl, haha. :)

    Outlining is definitely useful and fast if you do it your way. ;)

    Izzy Daniels says

    opps! I'm so Sorry!!! I'll go change that, and thank you very much for your comment!

    violetteb says

    Well, I need to start outlining again. Although spontaneity is nice sometimes. I actually wrote my first Helium article just because the title didn't have an article. LOL I should have been updating my blogs though.

    Roy says

    I am not in the habit of writing outlines... and you're right, I always go back to check if I'm still on track.

    I guess I should start reconsidering writing an outline :)

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