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Maximizing your Writing Time: Time to Publish

Alright! You’ve finally got you writing done and are ready to publish it! Now books can be different, but let’s go with blog posts for the time being just so you get an idea the best way to get your work out there.

Before I get started I would just like to remind all of you that there are many other ways of doing this, but here are a few ideas’ I have…

Distributing Your Latest Post(s)

1st idea would be to take your work, and just publish it on your blog. There is nothing wrong with this method, and it makes my second method un-necessary. If you have plenty of readers this is a sure fire way to get you message across, but what about making a bit of cash off you work?

That brings us to idea #2; Publishing it on a Work submission site

Some of these sites will pay you an upfront fee, and others will allow you to receive performance payouts based on how many people view your content. The ones that I have found are Associated Content, Triond, AND on I haven’t tried eHow. After submitting your work, wait till they publish it, then you have two options.

• You can post a link to your blog. When I do this I generally put the 1st paragraph and put a link that says CONTINUE READING, but you can just briefly mention it if you like. This works great for AC because it means that you can still take advantage of their full upfront payment (they won’t allow you to publish your work anywhere else with this method) and get people from your blog to read your work.

• Or… you can post up the whole article. I’m not exactly sure if eHow and Triond frown on this or not, but I do know that you can do it with AC (given you select the right payment option.) This is nice because you can generate a little extra money off your work, and still make your work look professional on your blog; however you will have the same article in two places, which can be a pet peeve of mine.

And that is it for maximizing your writing time. I realize this last post didn’t seem like a time saver, but if you decide where you are going to put your work you actually do save a lot of time, after all the whole reason you write is so that someone can read what you are writing isn’t it?

So…any better ideas for blog post publishing? This is how I have done it, but I know there must be a few more methods. What do you all think? Is this good for you? Or would you rather stick to basics?


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  1. Jena Isle says

    Hello Izzy,

    I come to know you from WOOF and thru Doc Zorlone's blog. Your post contains vital information about maximizing the use of one's written material.

    I write for Triond too and my articles for them are usually exclusive, while for Helium you could use them anywhere as you own the copyright. For AC, it depends upon what agreement have you ticked whether for exclusive rights or not.

    Cheers and happy blog hopping.

    zorlone says


    I would just like to add Helium. That is a great writing site. You can keep the copyright of your articles.


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