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Thoughtless Thursday

So I am working on the last entry to the series I have going, but right now everything is crazy. As you all have notice my blog is a collection of both advice, and work that I have. Well I have prom coming up this weekend and since I performed with my school's break dancing crew, I thought I would show that. HERE is the link if you want to comment.

Also...last week I entered in the WOOF contest and won. Have a look at the other winners...

WOOF Contest – Top Picks

Zorlone – “Passionate Blogger - A tribute to the bloggers who have influenced my writing endeavors.
Alex McGaughan - “Late Fall; She Retorts” - A short free-verse poem about a young man and woman who are driven apart by one’s romanticism and the other’s inability to share it.
Jennifer M Scott – “Primordial Passion” - Written in a series of three cinquains about spring and the renewing of love or starting new love.
Romeo – “Another Rainy Day” - Short Poem for the one I’ve lost.
Dragon Blogger – “Aftershock” - Poem crafted from random words, inspired by the earthquake in Italy.

About Writing
Izzy Daniels - “Maximizing your writing Time: Start with the Outline” - I gave a brief description on how to write a short outline for ones writing.

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